The world’s first intelligent milk steamer for world-champ quality milk foam

auto-recognises any milk
even any plant-based milks

Ready to start the future?
aeralab is the only milk foam lab that automatically recognises any milk you’re pouring: from dairy to plant-based milks, even drinking chocolate, juices, etc.. With one glimpse at the pitcher content, aeralab instantly adapts its foaming process to the type of milk or liquid to froth them into the best possible foam.

steams them into world-championing milk foam
any milk, any serve.

aeralab makes your wonderful coffees even better. Our promise is simple: you fill the pitcher with any milk. aeralab foams it up to world champ perfection. Simply. Intelligently.

Bye-bye mediocre milk foam spoiling thousands of great cups of coffee. Done with liters of milk being spilled, in trying to get it right.

Even skilled baristas and barkeepers often struggle with the less-than-average milk foams produced by their steamer or coffee machine. What’s more, changing consumer preferences bring in more complexity. From dairy milks to the avalanche of new plant-based milks: it doesn’t make perfect milk foam easier.

food safety first
aeralab auto-cleans after every serve

Hygiene is key when steaming milk- even in the middle of peak-service. aeralab automatically flushes before every serve and auto-cleans its steam wand thoroughly after each serve. The built-in cleaning device works like a miniature carwash and safely cleans the steam wand inside and outside in just seconds to remove any milk residues. In-house tests even revealed how the cleaning leaves no trace – allowing for better allergens-management behind the bar.

for all of you
from barista to barista

aeralab is the brainchild of a World Latte Art Champion. Since all milks are different, every milk requires different handling when steaming into foam: different temperature, pressure, steam time, etc. Through liquid recognition and smart logarithms, aeralab works like the brain of a World Champ in Latte Art, automatically turning every milk into a exquisitely creamy micro-foam.

aeralab complements the skills of each staff member and is the care-free solution to prepare delicious, superior and consistent quality foam from all milks. So you can fully focus on the coffee and your guests.

stop wasting milk
from S to XL: every serve is perfect

aeralab has been designed and developed for maximum flexibility: with one single pitcher you can foam up small, individual portions of milk of ca. 150 ml to bigger serves of 500 ml and more. aeralab steams them into perfect micro-foam. Say bye-bye to wasting milk, regardless of the skills of who’s behind the bar and  the milk you prefer to work with.
Huh? Tell me more about aeralab

works completely independent
bye-bye connections to coffee machines or boilers

Where traditional milk steamers still need a connection to the boiler of the coffee machine and are dependent on coffee machine brand and type, aeralab operates completely stand-alone and comes plug & play: . With its integrated boiler and steam valves, you can start serving perfection from minute one. No complexity. No connections needed (except for water and power). This also allows you to place aēralab in the preferred spot for your workflow. And to consider a cheaper coffee machine without manual steamer.

premiering nano-bubble foam

The high-tech autorecognition of every milk, combined with the database of milk foam recipes and powerful mechanical components allow for extreme steam and heat control to produce a next gen foam that is extremely fine, deliciously tasty, lasts longer in the cup and literally melts in the mouth.
Wowowow… my milk is better than yours!

faster than
a world champ

aeralab beats any top barista or latte artist, not only in the quality and taste of the milk foam, yet also in speed. It takes aeralab ±45 seconds to foam 250 ml milk to perfection – which is not only faster than the average steamer. It is valuable time to spend on great customer service.
Are you faster than a world champ?

quieter than any coffee steamer

We love the sound of the coffee shop. But when frothing up milk can sometimes be a source of nuisance and noise for your customers, count on aeralab to work in relative silence: it produces approx 60dB, which sounds more like music to the eye compared to the 76dB produced by any regular coffee steamer.

smartly designed
around you & your team’s needs

aeralab is designed to be a compact and humbly present team member, matching every workspace and complementing the talent of your team.

pitcher perfect! to hone your skills,
from extra small to extra-large serves

aeralab is literally designed around your key instrument: the pitcher. Yet even the pitcher has been re-invented to yield better milk foam. With its double cone-shape, the pitcher allows for perfect steaming up of small to big serves of 500 ml – with just one pitcher. The pitcher spout has been designed to hand you perfect pouring-control – even when performing more challenging latte art designs. The spout shape also keeps the foam intact, without breaking it.

an intuitive interface
to make complexity simple

In full-automatic mode, aēralab functions touch-free. The screen just informs you about its status. Baristas who want to have full control can switch to its interactive mode. The touchscreen then allows you to customise your recipes, offering choice from 11 foam levels, and different temperatures.
You make me foam with curiosity

materials to last
and to respect our planet

The housing of aēralab is made to last and to do something back for our planet. Front and side panels are made of long-lasting stainless steel – enabling perfect cleaning and maintenance. Its upper and bottom chassis are made from upcycled plastics. aēralab is also efficient in its power and water use: during low service intervals, you can place it in sleep mode to save energy. Putting the pitcher back into the pitcher holder wakes it up in less than 1 sec.

multiple times

Since the first presentation at HOST Milano in 2021, aeralab immediately confirmed its promise as the world’s first smart milk foam lab. aeralab received the INNOVATION SMART LABEL 2021 for its focus on efficiency, smart technology, and sustainability. In 2022, aeralab won a Silver Delta award during the ADI design awards ceremony in Barcelona.

Technical data

Height: 472 mm
Width: 325 mm
Depth: 305,5 mm
Weight: max. 30 kg

Power: 220-230V EC certified
(other certificates pending)

Availability: December ‘23

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